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My first album on Wikiloops! I just want to thank all the musicians involved in this collection of ballads, it was a real pleasure to jam with you :) Carlomac créé par Carlomac on 11/15/2020

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DanDiplo Ernie440 Jypeka Carlomac sami Shi jamlady akethesnaker Weazle jmrukkers WhiteDrum55 moonchild dimeomax ROBJOL patb mpointon

Ill wake you when its gone


Chronique par patb le 01/08/2021

Merci beaucoup, pour m'avoir fait participer a ton album :-)

Beautiful collections of Wikiloops tracks


Chronique par TeeGee le 12/08/2020

Very nice, I enjoyed this album today, had it running on a loop, very good!!



Chronique par Navota le 11/18/2020

Congrats with your first wonderful album

Very nice album


Chronique par ROBJOL le 11/15/2020

Happy to be part of this very nice album.


Chronique par Shi le 11/15/2020

a lovely selection of songs here Carlo . thank you for this pretty Ballad compilation and how nice for me to be a part of it :)


Chronique par Jypeka le 11/15/2020

Nice ballads album, thank you for joining me
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