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Worlds Collide by rp3drums

Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide
À propos de cet album

some hard rocking jams. Some old and some new. Guitar focused, ripping, kicking and screaming, star wars and outer limits....

thanks to everyone on this album, some of my favorite jams since I've been on the loops...

jamming on the Loops since March 2014
1st jam #16683 rp3drums créé par rp3drums on 13 janv. 2016

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Very good rock compilation


Chronique par TeeGee le 22 mars 2017

I listened to it twice back to back at work today, really good collection. The only thing I did not like is tha fact that I wasn't involved :D but other than that very good! Rock on!!



Chronique par KellsBells le 13 janv. 2016

Some fantastic talent here in this album! So happy to be a part of it! RP3 always has some steady powerful beats! :) Very cool album!
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