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melting potes#3

melting potes#3
à propos de cet album:

a big thank you to all the wikifrends who played on this album, and to everyone for the great jam.hope you enjoy the variety of this album:)btrasher créé par btrasher on 05/28/2020

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Artistes impliqués:
shumdrummer Basster btrasher Major 3rd Marceys MorenoAlma Exmore Mika Tohve axenvocs Wirework rp3drums iten seriouss Tofzegrit WhiteDrum55 solozolo Fabricio L Cassius ARNOSOLO peatric frenzie PJE Ernie440 Tu MajorTom_III JEF29730 tullicbr Drill Shi FrankMil Carpenter deezee

Strong selection


Chronique par Cassius le 05/28/2020

Good loud sounds with great musicians. Glad to be included among them. For sure my jams will join my next own album :W

Top Notch


Chronique par axenvocs le 05/28/2020

Nice collection mon ami, and a honor to be included

nice selection


Chronique par peatric le 05/28/2020

hi Stéphane, thanks for supporting me in your album

Deep Rock


Chronique par Carpenter le 05/28/2020

A great, carefully selected choice of powerful and groovy rock/metal tracks. Thanks for featuring me on this Album, Stèphane! :)



Chronique par ivax le 06/04/2020

Great Album Stéphane,amigo :W

Super cool album!!


Chronique par deezee le 06/04/2020

Thanks for including me Stephane :)



Chronique par Tu le 05/28/2020

Thanks for including me! This is a mega cool collection of awesome tracks. A keeper!


Chronique par JEF29730 le 05/28/2020

Yeah ! Nice compilation !👍😁 Ravi de faire partie de la fête, merci Steph! C'est cool😉
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