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Thank you to the 14 great musicians who accompanied me on these fantastic trips as well as to those who will receive these postcards ! (Photo by Blushrougette)Filo974 créé par Filo974 on 12/18/2020

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CI Section Filo974 ArkRockStudio Itocpogo rastafari Ivanovitch Pewi irlenn GlezBass Jypeka deezee WhiteBass Andri Cassius Stamim2000



Chronique par deezee le 12/19/2020

Full of feel good happy music. Filo always a wonderful listening experience Thanks for the postcards :)

Great Album


Chronique par GlezBass le 12/18/2020

Cool title and selection!! Good music, great selection and great wiki-musicians can listen here!

Filo Inspiration


Chronique par Wade le 12/18/2020

Filo is more often the instigator rather than "last to add" on these tracks. His unique musical vision is an inspiration to many.
CI Section

Wonderful world music


Chronique par CI Section le 12/18/2020

Great album! Glad to be a part of it..

Superb Music!!!!!


Chronique par Itocpogo le 12/18/2020

I am so ver honored to be on your album with all these Fantastic musicians!!!! Your album is filled with Wonderful music!!!! Thank You so much!!!!!

A beautiful collection


Chronique par Pewi le 12/18/2020

Hello Filo, a beautiful collection you have compiled here! I am very pleased to be allowed to be here!

Phil Harmonie :W


Chronique par Cassius le 12/18/2020

Toujours aussi bon musicien Phil. merci d'avoir pensé à moi pour faire partie de cette sélection :)

Great album!


Chronique par Pasticcio le 12/18/2020

Your music is like a postcard sent from a magical place: there are lots of colors :)



Chronique par Andri le 12/18/2020

Hey Phillip. An album full of joy and good music. Thanks for including "The Papaya" :D

Bonjour facteur !


Chronique par Jypeka le 12/18/2020

Hi, Filo happy to discover this beautiful card posted this morning, full of freshness and enthusiasm of all the speakers of this album ... thank you to you ;)
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