詩 - (Shī) Vol. 2

詩 - (Shī) Vol. 2
à propos de cet album:
This one is for a very dear friend of mine,
made with the help of other dear friends,
and of course with the help of Wikiloops

Hope you like this compilationwjl créé par wjl on 03/24/2020

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Artistes impliqués:
ARNOSOLO Shi wjl mpointon Tofzegrit JohnKou OliVBee Zamzam Baer fanne CI Section Dr.Whom Wade FrankieJ hurzel BigDaddyCee Russellish ivax

So many fine tracks here!


Chronique par Wade le 03/25/2020

Thoroughly enjoyable songs all balanced by Wolfgang's fine bass playing and mixing.

Magnificent album


Chronique par fblack le 03/25/2020

Brilliant sound and Shi's voice makes you fall in love. Bravo for all the participants!


Chronique par Shi le 03/25/2020

it is a privilege to be able to create music with such fine musicians here at the loops and thank you Wolfgang for adding your bass and mixing talents too
CI Section

Wonderful compilation


Chronique par CI Section le 03/25/2020

What a great compilation, featuring Shi's wonderful voice and all other fine contribution. Thank you for beeing a part of it, Wolfgang!


Chronique par FrankieJ le 03/26/2020

Very happy to be included here friend:)

fantastic Album


Chronique par ivax le 03/25/2020

Thanks Wolfgang ,amigo



Chronique par TeeGee le 04/03/2020

Shi has a unique voice, just melts my heart every time I hear her sing. Very cool collection, great selection of songs Wolfgang!
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