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My 6th album since joining Wikiloops in February 2018 - and 2019 started with what I considered a "hit". Then I wanted to greet a relatively new member with a remix, and was presented some more really nice songs with Shi (mostly from Oliv, thanks man <3 ). I also did some instrumentals with great company, and featured Pat in "Muriel". I did one all alone, and Peter's son and some others offered such a nice "chill-out" track that I simply couldn't resist.

I made this also for the upcoming birthday of my brother who also plays bass. And Zuleikha can play the opening track on her piano as I've just discovered :)

The background picture isn't from me this time, it's from Les Chatfield on Flickr, with an open CC (Creative Commons 2.0) license; see - and it's also used on Wikipedia at and in other places.

Thanks to everyone involved, and of course to Richard, as always. Hope you like it.wjl créé par wjl on 04/13/2019

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JohnKou Shi OliVBee wjl FRANK2654 ecsponger Zamzam Baer jomortimer Fishinmissio mpointon Offfocus fanne CI Section Pewi

Great compilation!!


Chronique par Offfocus le 04/20/2019

Hey Wolfgang what a great album! Full of surprises and this bunch of talented musicians you chose makes a really cool album! Its downloaded will come with me .. all the time! And thank you so much you included some ping pang pong from me .. makes me really happy .. and proud :)

Vielen Dank😎


Chronique par Pewi le 04/19/2019

Es freut mich sehr, dass ich hier dabei sein darf, vielen Dank🎶🎶
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