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Bluvation Violet's Petals

Bluvation Violet's Petals
à propos de cet album:
With respect and admiration, I dare to publish this album.
A selection of country music created by Gerry (Bluvation).
I sincerely like your songs, I hope you like it.fblack créé par fblack on 04/09/2019

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Artistes impliqués:
bluvation kmoon235 solozolo Ernie440 ROBJOL deezee bassman78fr 1969orange

Well Deserved


Chronique par kmoon235 le 04/11/2019

So good of you Hugo to recognize the fine work of Gerry (and friends). I am honored to be included on this album with such talented musicians.

Truly Honored my friend!


Chronique par bluvation le 04/09/2019

I feel truly honored Hugo that you would take the time to put this album together of my original songs. A big thanks to everyone contributing with their awesome talent. Love the selection you chose for this album and the awesome cover.

Also a fan.


Chronique par ROBJOL le 04/10/2019

Same than deezee. I am not president but a real fan. Happy to be part of this album.

President of Gerry's Fan club


Chronique par deezee le 04/10/2019

Wonderful song adds by all. Thank you for this beautiful album Hugo gorgeous cover!

Thanks for Gerry


Chronique par bassman78fr le 04/09/2019

Very honored to be among the contributors to the CD you've published in honor to Gerry. I put a CD illico in the burner. Ideal to listen to to start the day (and not only).
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