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When I started in wikiloop it was like watching a kaleidoscope without knowing what I was going to see and I started to see a colorful world with excellent musicians and friends that I managed to have in this short time.
the road for this record dates from compositions of many years that I had in my mind and I have managed to realize here with you, many thanks to all the friends who have supported me in this work and to make the dream of recording this first album come true.mrrockero créé par mrrockero on 04/05/2019

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mrrockero ivax Baer Dafunkydrummer JEF29730 mortheol jamlady axenvocs Mikebanez kmoon235 mpointon Ernie440 sbisio Jypeka wiseshanks Stef frankiejazz eGiL

Señor Rockero!!!!


Chronique par ivax le 04/05/2019

:W 11 canciones impresionantes,amigo,muy feliz de que hayas contado conmigo desde mi mas absoluta gratitud,rodeado de grandes músicos como ustedes todo es posible

Great Album Julio


Chronique par Ernie440 le 04/05/2019

Seems like you just got here yesterday and already a #1 Album! So happy and proud to join your epic keyboard sounds in several songs :)

Very Strong


Chronique par Leftdaloops1019 le 04/06/2019

You're adding so much to the scene! Thanks!



Chronique par axenvocs le 04/05/2019

great collection of songs and musicians glad to be among them

Super Julio


Chronique par fblack le 04/06/2019

Enhorabuena Julio me alegra que hayas realizado tu sueño... Ahora a por mas!! Todavía hay mucho que escribir!!

Great Album Julio


Chronique par kmoon235 le 04/11/2019

So proud to be included on this album with such talented musicians. Great work Julio!!!
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