Tardes de Jams

Tardes de Jams
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Thank all the musicians who make this possible, and especially Stef, because from the first day I heard his keys and his sensibility, I want to recognize that I am a true fan of his golden handsivax créé par ivax on 09/17/2019

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Dafunkydrummer Stef ivax tullicbr Ernie440 jamlady ALawrence1 frenzie akethesnaker gwailoah Gone318 Danalyze45 MrAdamOnDrums axenvocs Rickplayer Tu titi Offfocus

Flair, talent and incredible musician


Chronique par Tu le 09/18/2019

Xavi is an extraordinary guitarist who reminds me a lot of David Gilmour...not afraid to let the guitar linger on just one note to create pure magic or to bend and tug the strings to such intensity...its mindblowing. This album is a treat...I love hearing these two dance with their notes and rythym in rich and unexpected ways. Thank you for including me!!

A wonderful Album by a wonderful friend


Chronique par Stef le 09/18/2019

My dear Xavi is a true gift and a privilege for me this wonderful Album and also an indelible musical memory of the many musical collaborations between us. You know that I love your great skill, sensitivity, musical vision and the great passion you transmit in every song where I find all the warmth of your wonderful country that I love so much. Thank you very much for all this!!



Chronique par frenzie le 09/18/2019

You really are special with so much feeling and special touch xavi proud to be on this album with you!!:):)
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