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blue wiki christmas

blue wiki christmas
à propos de cet album:
I wish you all a blue wiki christmas ;o)
Many thanks to all involved musicians on the album and an extra thanks as always to Dick for everything he does for us ... if somehow possible: supports Wikiloops ;o)Uloisius créé par Uloisius on 12/19/2018

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Chronique par Don_T le 12/21/2018

What a great collection, Ulo... thanks so much for including me in this awesome line up of great musicians.


Chronique par petebass le 12/21/2018

Hi Uli, thanks my friend for including my tracks on your cool Xmas selection

a cool christmas album...


Chronique par slin le 12/20/2018

thanks for including me on this album Uloisius...;)

Cool , a Wikiloops Christmas Album :)


Chronique par TeeGee le 12/20/2018

Nice one Ulo, I gave it a listen and it got me in the Christmas spirit :W


Chronique par Demian le 12/20/2018

Thanks for including me in this Album! great selection


Chronique par JEF29730 le 12/20/2018

Delighted to participate in this album, thank you my friend 😉

Super Album


Chronique par kmoon235 le 12/19/2018

A privilege to be included with these great artists Ulo. The remix sounds awesome-great album my friend!!
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