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50 shades of blue #I

50 shades of blue #I
à propos de cet album:
I put a lot of blues jams on the loops but gathering these well done remixes from my favourite blues friends really makes me proud! Heartwarming stuff to have companions, D#mn so happy I am on the loops! Love y'all <3<3frenzie créé par frenzie on 07/06/2019

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The Style


Chronique par Bothen le 07/07/2019

Tom, your style of Blues speaks to people and draws them in. You have a raw and emotional style that is the hallmark of a great Blues player. Thanks for having me here and it is always a special treat to jam with you!!!

Thanks Much Tom


Chronique par kmoon235 le 07/07/2019

This is another great album you put together Tom. To be included with these fine players is an honor. Thanks again my friend.

50 shades without restraint.


Chronique par Wade le 07/07/2019

What a great catalog of blues styles and playing with so many fine players. A joy to hear.

The Blues Rock!


Chronique par ALawrence1 le 07/07/2019

So honored to be included in this album. I love ya Frenz!



Chronique par Mickey le 07/06/2019

I love it to invite in this great Blues Album!! I love the Bluesman!!!!

The Wikiloops blues master


Chronique par TeeGee le 07/11/2019

What can I say, you feel the blues. I wish I could play it like you do, that's all I can say. Peace brother!

50 shades of blue


Chronique par Charli56 le 07/10/2019

Wonderful Blues Album frenzie ,Also thanks for taking me to it. Great Work and i like your Blues Guitar playing.

Nothin' but the Blues


Chronique par bluesdog le 07/08/2019

...honored to be included in an album with such fine players, thank you Tom.



Chronique par Jypeka le 07/07/2019

Happy to participate in a Blues album ... I play very little, a beautiful selection thank you

A great album.


Chronique par slin le 07/25/2019

a great album i am proud to be part of Tom thanks so much...;)
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