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Country songs from frenzie

Country songs from frenzie
à propos de cet album:
So pleased my fellow bloopers joined me in the country <3

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Enjoyable Listen!


Chronique par GemmyF le 12/27/2018

great tracks lined up back to back on this album and Tom is a picker of worth here!!!

Very cool album


Chronique par jjdf le 02/14/2019

Great work from all of you!!! :W:D

Country the way it should be


Chronique par Don_T le 12/30/2018

Super album, Tom.. you are so versatile my friend. Thanks so much for including me in such great company of wonderful musicians and singers

A Blues and Country Master


Chronique par Stef le 12/28/2018

So many wonderful gems with your unique guitar!

Super album!


Chronique par Demian le 12/27/2018

Thanks for this great selection of songs. Im glad to participate in your country way

Hoe down


Chronique par axenvocs le 12/27/2018

Very cool collection and very cool to be part of it

Boot Kickin' Fun!


Chronique par ALawrence1 le 12/27/2018

Great collection of country hits from my friend, the Dutch Cowboy! Thanks for including me in this tribute to American country music.

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à propos de cet album:
So pleased my fellow bloopers joined me in the country <3
frenzie créé par frenzie on 12/27/2018

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