underground 2

underground 2
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Welcome to the second trip through the wiki underground. Many thanks to all involved musicians and of course to Dick for his tireless work without which Wikiloops would not exist ;o)Uloisius créé par Uloisius on 11/17/2018

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Artistes impliqués:
MrAdamOnDrums nuno1959 Uloisius infectdeck Baer callyfizak Leftdaloops1019 MajorTom_III rp3drums Ernie440 Funkystan JDF petebass Bothen FrankMil Lenny Cowler eGiL ARNOSOLO Makalta carnivore3 DaveyVee JEF29730 Chris-B Mikebanez axenvocs moonchild KMstar Guadaña slin sbisio GreenDog Lysbleu Inkless Telemetry

sehr cool


Chronique par AKchen le 11/20/2018

dein Stöbern hier lohnt sich ... tolle Alben :)

A very cool colection...


Chronique par slin le 11/19/2018

thanks so much for including me here Uloisius...;)

Fabulous album


Chronique par ARNOSOLO le 11/19/2018

Thx so much my friend for this new incredible album ;-)

Very cool mix


Chronique par FrankMil le 11/18/2018

Thanks for putting one of my tracks up Uli amongst this great set of underground talent


Chronique par JEF29730 le 11/17/2018

Thank you my friend for this appearance on this album, it's nice, very happy😁

Great Ulo


Chronique par rp3drums le 11/17/2018

Thanks for cultivating these songs! And thanks for including me on so many, an honor...

Nice collection


Chronique par axenvocs le 11/17/2018

What a great collection of songs glad to be in there
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