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Across the Desert Sea

Across the Desert Sea
à propos de cet album:
A collection of soundscapes, featuring vocals, harmonica, didgeridoo,and electronic sounds. Mainly inspired by Claudia "jamlady"'s wonderful cello riffs, as well as other distinguished instrumentalists of the wikiloops community. Thank you all for your contribution. Bluesdog.bluesdog créé par bluesdog on 05/05/2018

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Chronique par jamlady le 05/07/2018

sehr interessante Kompositionen!

Very Creative Album


Chronique par Caroljoyce le 05/06/2018

A lot of very good ideas in this album with authentic approach for these creative works. I really like this kind of music, very pleasant to listent to it when I working. Thanks for sharing these songs here Bluesdog.
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