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Tracks you will Dig

Tracks you will Dig
à propos de cet album:
All I can say is thank you so much to all that created this music without you I'm just a lonely dude in a room. these are some of my favorite songs from the year so far. Thank you my friendsaxenvocs créé par axenvocs on 07/16/2018

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Chronique par Guadaña le 07/16/2018

Grat songs on a great album!!! Glad to be in ;)
Major 3rd

Album Rocks!


Chronique par Major 3rd le 07/17/2018

Gary has been a great participant and friend not only to me but everyone here and is always willing to help out a song or project..Great vocalist and guitar player too! Here i listened to every song on this album just now and true to the title i dug em all!! great player line up....and songs...Thanks for including lil ol me...cheers!

Fantastic album from the room of many great musicians


Chronique par GreenDog le 07/16/2018

an authentic creative and chameleonic musician/singer ,great album hermano, glad to be part :)

Master Axen!!!!


Chronique par ivax le 07/16/2018

Awesome Album,always a pleasure to listen you,Thanks my friend :W:W

An impressive collection


Chronique par Pewi le 07/16/2018

This collection shows just how versatile you are. An impressive collection. Thank you, I'm proud to be another dude in the same room with you.😉😎

Super cool album


Chronique par ARNOSOLO le 07/16/2018

Thx so much to share with us this great album my friend ;-)

Great track and players Collection


Chronique par PJE le 07/16/2018

Good to hear all these super tracks from Gary, never be lonely with all this collection Wikiloopers, so pleased to be included amongst:) And 9 out 14 appearances has to be some kind of a record for your good old low freq man Ernie!!

Gary is ....


Chronique par adu le 07/25/2018

...a great rock musician and for my taste the perfect singer for that genre. Super Album my friend!
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