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Jammin with titi

Jammin with titi
à propos de cet album:
I found it very difficult to choose which tracks to include here
for there are many more.
Thank you titi for the wonderful music and memories.
Also thank you to Gabriel, Ernie, Wilf67, eGiL, Caroljoyce, Robjol, Mario
for your wonderful additions on these tracks.

Album cover artwork by "koony".FrankieJ créé par FrankieJ on 05/05/2018

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Artistes impliqués:
gabriel289 Ernie440 titi FrankieJ GlezBass wilf67 eGiL Caroljoyce ROBJOL

Great Album!!!


Chronique par Ernie440 le 02/04/2021

Proud to be part of this album with two of my fave players Frankie and titi!!


Chronique par titi le 05/06/2018

Thanks to the friends who joined :) Agnès, Mario, Robert, Gabriel, Ernie, Egil, Wif... Thank you very much for your presence :)

Marvelous album.


Chronique par Caroljoyce le 05/05/2018

What a good idea to have gathered here all the additions of our Titi. This album is a jewel. I love it for its softness and all its different colors that sometimes give me a good mood or melancholy. Thank you for sharing your music here Frank. Looking forward to having more jams with you...

De la musique à mes oreilles !


Chronique par gabriel289 le 05/05/2018

When everything is there, is it real musique ! Proud to be your rythme guitare player !

Jammin with Frank !


Chronique par titi le 05/05/2018

A beautiful surprise. I know how to only say... I am a big admirer of Frank. This guy there is an incredible guitarist in the crystal clear and virtuoso play. I liked at once its first track and its quality. Endowed with a big sensibility and with a wide color palette, Frank little to play everything! And often hisits style is more Latin than me :D I humbly tried to accompany him respectfully during numerous tracks. In time, certain affinity are musical build up themselves beyond the distance, and it is the magic spark of wikiloops. Still one thank you to Frank, and to tell him that I am his first fan !
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