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I had the pleasure to play with all these great musicians on a wide range of Rock and Roll and enjoyed doing it very much. As with all my recordings it is best to use headphones, it's what I use to record and mix my tracks. Kudos and thanks to all those involved here!!!Bothen créé par Bothen on 04/21/2018

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OliVBee moonchild titi Bothen MajorTom_III Shi EngrInAZ shobaky7 DrStrgeglv Tofzegrit Pewi akethesnaker PeterVeillon Slimdaver tullicbr Balfo Lauramarie Basster baccus69 texasson Ernie440 JEF29730 ARNOSOLO frenzie

Great drumming worthy of lots of listens.


Chronique par Wade le 12/14/2020

An excellent collection of rock tracks all sharing this excellent drumming.

Great Collection!


Chronique par Pewi le 09/17/2018

Great collection, it's fun to listen here and I'm proud to be a part of it.🎶🎶🎶🎶

Great drumming


Chronique par axenvocs le 04/22/2018

Pleasant listening experience my friend

With pleasure


Chronique par titi le 04/21/2018

a really coherent set around your drums. Thank you for making me partake in this project. I see in this a lot of quality musicians to whom you put your drums with work and heart. The result is there. Thanks Ron !

Kick a##


Chronique par frenzie le 04/21/2018

Yeah you kick it Ron! Love the albumsleeve :) :D great album thnx bro!! And keep on rocking them drums love uour style! ! :) :)


Chronique par JEF29730 le 04/21/2018

Thank you very much for selecting this track for this album, it makes me very happy :)long live rock'n'roll ;)
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