Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair
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Here is a choice of track rock and heavy. I had a lot of fun on this track and would like to thank Ray and Ernie (my longtime companions), The amazing Lenny, jmrukkers, Drumshticks, my Italian friend Panpot, shumdrummer, cschlote, my Spanish friend Xavi, timp, eGiL, Martin Pointon, my Breton friend, StJray (the other equally talented Ray), Wikimark, onorium and PECA.ARNOSOLO créé par ARNOSOLO on 01/13/2018

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ARNOSOLO rp3drums jmrukkers GoneUser_200920 Ernie440 panpot shumdrummer ivax cschlote timp eGiL mpointon Lenny Cowler ArkRockStudio JEF29730 StJray Wikimark onorium PECA



Chronique par frenzie le 03/07/2018

AWESOMENESS IN ROCK Great sound and playing on your axe!! :) :)

This is a rockin' album


Chronique par BuzzBomber le 01/24/2018

this album is chock full o' rockin' tracks. 2 of my favorites are Paper Walls of the NWO and Some Noise Between Two Clouds. Oh, yeah and the aptly named Let There Be Rock! As a nice change of pace What else is a tasty track. (I swear I made remix of this prior to hearing this album, but I must have deleted it without posting) Bottom line this is great album and I will be letting it roll often!

'Rocking Chair' by Arnosolo & Friends!


Chronique par StJray le 01/13/2018

WARNING! -/ If you listen to this album in a Rocking Chair, be careful not to tip upside down because beating strongly to the wild rhythms of some tunes is risky! -/ Having the 'Fire hands' is also another risk! -/ N.B.: In case of claims, it is indeed Arnosolo the main respondable! / Ray,

Arno, the Chair Chief


Chronique par ivax le 01/13/2018

incredible always with excellent templates, thanks friend :W


Chronique par JEF29730 le 01/13/2018

Un grand merci à toi Arno :) je suis trés fier de figurer sur cet album avec des musiciens que j'apprecie beaucoup , ta selection est top , bravo et encore merci ;)
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