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All Good Things........ by Bothen

All Good Things........

All Good Things........
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Thanks Wikiloops for the opportunity you gave me here. Thanks to all those I have had the pleasure to jam with, you are all the best. Bothen créé par Bothen on 10 nov. 2017

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Fine Collection from a fine Drummer!


Chronique par Ernie440 le 11 nov. 2017

Always a pleasure my friend, very pleased to be on several + tracks with you! Keep on truckin' Ron!

Great Set of Songs!


Chronique par gwailoah le 12 nov. 2017

Always good to see a muso putting a collection of favourite tracks together, and always an Honour to get included! Great drums across a range of styles. Keep rocking Ron!

Groovy drummer


Chronique par PECA le 11 nov. 2017

Groovy music, thanks to a cool drummer:)

The cool drummer...


Chronique par slin le 11 nov. 2017

such a cool collection of tracks here Ron,thanks so much for let me joining you on this album....:)

The bothman strikes again!


Chronique par frenzie le 11 nov. 2017

Always a pleasure to jam with you my friend! Very grateful to be on your wonderful album!! :) :) Cheers mate i buy you a beer! :) :)
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