No Winter Blues

No Winter Blues
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Fun jams with my friends to chase away the winter blues :)bhunt1 créé par bhunt1 on 11/13/2017

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nadrek Leftdaloops1019 bhunt1 marocon Dafunkydrummer P-Tar Pewi adu KMstar Pawlik GuitarPlyr PaulFellows rp3drums Psycho DaveyVee Mikebanez pconey ArkRockStudio Anon518 1969orange RobM Dadinator piper mortheol davidaustin axenvocs Rustysky Fishinmissio


Chronique par davidaustin le 11/13/2017

Great music Brian, thank you for including me.


Chronique par 1969orange le 01/04/2018

great album...appreciate being included with group of fine musicians

Thanks a lot for this


Chronique par Pewi le 11/21/2017

I am very pleased that my contributions may be part of this fantastic music collection! Thank you for that.


Chronique par Anon518 le 11/13/2017

Enjoyed listening to your album. One of the many talented artists on WikiLoops. Also’ I’m honoured to be featured on this album with you. Great sounds all round.

Awesome Album


Chronique par ArkRockStudio le 11/13/2017

Great collection of tunes B. It's a blast making music with you.


Chronique par Mikebanez le 11/13/2017

you are very versatile player. nice album mix

Awesome Brian


Chronique par DaveyVee le 11/13/2017

A lot of great musicians on this ablum, making great music. Thanks for including me.
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