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à propos de cet album:
A new album with Titi and Franber put forward with their superb melodies played on the harmonica. Many thanks to AKchen, Ernie, Ray, Paul, ArkRockStudio, WhiteDrum55, Egil and the incredible Shi for these delicious musical moments.ARNOSOLO créé par ARNOSOLO on 11/15/2017

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Artistes impliqués:
ARNOSOLO AKchen franber titi Ernie440 rp3drums ArkRockStudio pconey WhiteDrum55 Shi eGiL

Great story teller


Chronique par titi le 11/16/2017

So confuse to find me here... Arnaud is a very great story teller always inspiring. With big quality of player, the sound of our guitar is superb and brightness.A great pleasure to me to joint ! Tu me plébiscité mon pote. Cest presque gênant.

Just wonderful


Chronique par frenzie le 04/05/2020

You can make great muic and I live your playing! Cool! :):):)
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