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Hi everyone and welcome to my fourth wikiloops album. Thanks to all of you who provided templates and remixes, and especially to those who rexixed my tracks. That means a lot to me. There are some very talented musicians here. Creating these songs with you all has been a blast. There is a little bit of everything here. Hope you find something you like.apsummerlin créé par apsummerlin on 10/28/2017

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Anon518 ivax apsummerlin Psycho Danalyze45 Konst_Dark davidaustin B427 Fishinmissio Rob112 WhiteDrum55 moonchild Tofzegrit GlezBass PJE AKchen Left081120 pconey GrooveEnth Offfocus adu jmrukkers onorium Dadinator Simonymous piper akethesnaker bhunt1 ArkRockStudio Fabricio L KMstar MajorTom_III hartmut

Very good.


Chronique par Konst_Dark le 10/31/2017

I glad to participate in that multilateral album. This Album is a good example of collaboration between different people, styles and skills. Thanks, apsummerlin!

Great album


Chronique par ArkRockStudio le 10/28/2017

Awesome tunes AP



Chronique par davidaustin le 10/28/2017

Very cool songs ap, thank you for including me, a pleasure to make music with all you cool wikkiloopers.



Chronique par Dadinator le 10/28/2017

I am very happy to have been included on this wonderful album - it's a special thing to have the opportunity to play with such cool musicians, especially the very talented apsummerlin :)
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