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Wikiworks 12

Wikiworks 12
à propos de cet album:
Great work by everyone on here and thanks! Hope you enjoy the tunes/album.ArkRockStudio créé par ArkRockStudio on 09/13/2017

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ArkRockStudio Wade Leftdaloops1019 GlezBass RobM akethesnaker Don_T Keeper Tu Major 3rd Pawlik woXey Pexe Demian eGiL francisco al josepssv Dafunkydrummer FrankieJ Xpelair!
Major 3rd



Chronique par Major 3rd le 05/23/2018

Ark always adds a huge dimension of innovation and wonderful sounds to all templates lucky enough to receive his creative touch...totally awesome!!! Glad to have such great musicians to woork with...fantasic album and players...salute'
francisco al


Chronique par francisco al le 10/09/2017

Muito obrigado amigo ArkRockStudio: Por escolher a faixa em que me juntei. Estou feliz

Excellent showcase


Chronique par Wade le 09/16/2017

Been enjoying listening to and playing with ArcRock's fine tracks for a while. I feel honored to be in this album with so many other fine musicians.

Monkeys and coconuts and .....


Chronique par Leftdaloops1019 le 09/13/2017

Chicken Tenders and MoonPies, What will you do next?....... "What ever I feel like doing! Gahhhh!"



Chronique par josepssv le 09/13/2017

Thank you Ark for your impulse and energy!!
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