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Adu & The BeeDoo Wap

Adu & The BeeDoo Wap
à propos de cet album:
Some rockin with Ernie, Ray and I around Adu's music.Tofzegrit créé par Tofzegrit on 06/05/2017

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Artistes impliqués:
adu Moor rp3drums Ernie440 Tofzegrit JDF

Thanks Tof!


Chronique par rp3drums le 05/11/2017

I maybe didn't realize how many jams this unit has done together. Thanks so much for putting this together. Sounds great!

A really nice Surprise!


Chronique par adu le 05/12/2017

Merci Cristophe. That's a very nice Idea. Thank you for every time enjoying the jams with you, Ray and Ernie. We know there are a few more but you choose the best. I hope there will come some more in the future but actually my motivation is not so good. Time will come and then we can go for the next album. Wish you all the best. Adu :) :W
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