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one for the ladies....

one for the ladies....
à propos de cet album:
10 trax only.... only one thing in common (apart from me) is they all have loopy ladies singing on them.
i always feel privileged to work with the amazing talent on here... but vocalists especially, and i get to join in with some great vocalists creating great lyrics....thank you ladies.xxxkimbo créé par kimbo on 06/05/2017

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Thumbs up from me...


Chronique par wjl le 03/24/2018

Well that is a cool collection Kimbo - not a bad one amongst them. I even liked your cover photo - if that is you and your lady, then wow again - good work mate! :)

give the ladies a cheer


Chronique par frenzie le 04/24/2017

great job Kimbo! the ladies deserve this tribute what would the loops be withut them :) great playing mate keep up the good work! :)

Four years later, and I still love it :)


Chronique par wjl le 06/19/2022

Such a cool album Kimbo - always a pleasure to listen to this one :)
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"......yeah.. What they all said! And ps. it's great! Thanks!"

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