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cody tripp & FrankieJ

cody tripp & FrankieJ
à propos de cet album:
My favorite tracks with Cody.
Thank you Tom for the wonderful music.

Thank you Alice, Ernie and Mario.
FrankieJ créé par FrankieJ on 06/05/2017

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MajorTom_III aleonz FrankieJ GlezBass Ernie440

Frankie Rules!


Chronique par Ernie440 le 04/05/2017

Anything Frankie posts or adds to is top notch and always pro sounding. Great stuff man, pleased to have made it onto your nice collection here! Great album! I hadn't heard some of this stuff, so glad you put it together. Cody's uploads and templates are the best, you can't go wrong there either!!

What a...


Chronique par adu le 03/13/2019

guitar art! Super :)

Fantastic Mix


Chronique par ArkRockStudio le 05/12/2017

Great sounds from a variety of genres. Awesome work!

Magnificent selection


Chronique par GlezBass le 04/05/2017

Two great and excellent musicians together, and also I selected for one of their tracks in this album, you can order something else ?. Magnificent selection

Can't believe I get a whole CD with Frankie


Chronique par MajorTom_III le 04/05/2017

Frankie blows me away with his incredible talent. He definitely make anything I put up sound so fantastic when he adds to it. I actually didn't realize we had collaborated on this many songs. Thrilled to be part of this. Thanks Frankie for bringing my little attempts to life.
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