Fun on the Loops

Fun on the Loops
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Wiki loops is all about having fun and honing your skills. This is a list of songs I had a blast doing, just a lot of fun. I only put up where I jumped in, there are a lot of remixes after me and those will be in other albums, this one is to remind me of why I chose these artists to jam with and how much fun I had doing it. Some songs are quirky, out of my wheelhouse or just grabbed me and brought me someplace else, all were fun. Maybe there will be a song or two where someone might jump in and have some fun too!!Bothen créé par Bothen on 06/05/2017

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Cool Collection


Chronique par Babbazitt le 03/21/2017

A very cool collection of songs, it is an honour to be included - thank you!!

Takes on to be one


Chronique par Don_T le 03/20/2017

First, I am honored that you included one of the tracks you did with me on your album. You are a great artist, a good friend and a heck of an all around great guy. Anyone on the loops should be honored for you to join them in a track. You know how to add what is needed and leave out that which is not.. which sets you in the professional level in my book. Awesome album, and hoping for a lot more of them from you. Thanks Again. D Oh, p.s.... cowbells forever :D

The Drum Man


Chronique par ALawrence1 le 03/20/2017

I always look forward to your tracks. You are one excellent drummer. So happy that you included Frenzie's and my Doo Wop song! Thanks for the jams!
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