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The Unlikely Encounters

The Unlikely Encounters
à propos de cet album:
Thanks for all of you .I'm very proud to compile this first album with you. Toshinho créé par Toshinho on 01/17/2017

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Great selection


Chronique par GlezBass le 01/17/2017

Great tracks selection his music with other loopers, I can only say that seeing the size of the musicians and singers with what you have played, I must thank you for including me in your selection.:)



Chronique par aleonz le 01/17/2017

I believe all loopers just like me, always feel happy to found and welcoming another talented musician join in this wikiloops musicland, I'm so amaze with many of wonderful music work you added here, this Album just some of your great showcase, and I really hope to hear more music from you Tosh! Thank you and I'm so glad to be part of this Sweet Album! Keep The Music In The Air Aliceleonz
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