Guitar Zero I

Guitar Zero I
à propos de cet album:
This is what I dreamed of when I was 13, playing rock guitar and publishing albums, Rock and Roll, baby. I wanted initially to call this album "Guitar 1", but that would be almost blasphemy - you guitarists know why, eh? So the next idea was "Guitar Hero". A good name, but very pretentious, I am anything but a hero... Also, there's that computer game by that name... So I ended up with Guitar Zero, that feels much more comfortable to me.
About this selection of tracks: I had a LOT of trouble choosing songs, what order, it tormented me for a while now. So in the end I asked Incivanpico to do the selection, and he did a great job choosing. It features a few different styles and types of music, and the thread of my guitar is what connects them.
I am VERY happy to have been able to collaborate with all those great musicians and wonderful people from Wikiloops. Thank you so much!TeeGee créé par TeeGee on 12/30/2016

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Chronique par King1971 le 05/30/2018

Tasteful phrasing and tone abound throughout every track. Everything I hear TeeGee play is class and summons the likes Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin...... I could go on and on. If you love good guitar playing, you will dig this album for sure!

Cool Album


Chronique par petebass le 02/12/2017

Many thanks TG for being included in this cool album.

Enjoyable Guitar 🎸 Music!


Chronique par incivanpico le 12/31/2016

Great Album TG 😎 a diverse blend of your cool playing m8. Well done buddy 😜

No guitar zero here...


Chronique par nuno1959 le 12/31/2016

Hey TG, I dig the rationale behind the name choice, i do but… there's no guitar zero here !! 1st thanks a bunch to include a piece where we play together, really enjoyed re-listening to it. Next - what a cool collection os songs for an album ! Pico did a great job selecting them, it's always my most difficult bit.. Hope many more will come ! ;)

Schönes Album!


Chronique par adu le 12/30/2016

Hey TG, hört sich alles sehr amtlich an. Freut mich das ich mitmachen durfte. Vielen Dank! Weiter machen, immer weiter machen. :D Gruß Adu ;)

Hi it is an great honoré for me to be on your album


Chronique par gabriel289 le 12/30/2016

Thanks again , and long Life to your guitar playing ! Regards Gabriel 😀

unique guitar sounds


Chronique par bhunt1 le 12/30/2016

TG Strat plays many different types of music - rock, hip hop, R&B, etc. but his guitar style always comes through. His sound is very distinctive. He is also a very good producer - his remixes always sound better than the originals!
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